Thursday 18 July 2013

Stracciatella Ice cream

(Click here for the Catalan version)

I am already returned from my holidays in Galicia, after leaving my old flat and my old kitchen for a new shared flat in front of the Sagarada Família and a new kitchen with almost no kitchen gadgets. When packing my things to move I decided to bring all my kitchen stuff to my town and now I haven't almost any of them in the new flat, so I have been avoiding my return to the blog and the kitchen for a while.

We are already at the middle of the summer here in Barcelona, and it is starting being unbearable because of the high temperatures we have. With this situation, and due to not feeling like going out of the flat, I decided to use the ice cream maker I had in the closet. I bought it two months ago, before moving and before holidays, and I used it with a vanilla ice cream recipe, as well as with a delicious and refreshing lemon sorbet, which I couldn't take any photos.

This stracciatella flavour ice cream is a good way to fight against this hot days! I totally recommend to have an ice cream maker if you would like to make home made ice creams; it is quite cheap and the ice creams are delicious and very soft if you use inverted sugar syrup or honey.

Stracciatella ice cream

- 300ml cream
- 250ml skim milk
- 90g granulated sugar
- 2,5 tbp inverted sugar
- dark chocolate chopped

Whip the cream with the sugar until it is fluffy but it is not necessary to whip it completely. Add the milk and the inverted sugar syrup and mix it carefully until well combined.  Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker following its instructions. Add the chopped chocolate at the end of the process.

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