Monday 4 March 2013

Wishing for spring: Mixed berry coulis

Berries season is going to be here soon and,  actually, you can already find them in some markets although they are not too sweet nor too cheap. When I opened the freezer last weekend I realized I still had some frozen mixed berries so I decided to use them before enjoying the fresh ones, as well as to complete the spring feeling this sunny and warm weekend brought to us. Moreover, I found some forgotten crepes from the crepes cake I made some weeks ago, so it was the perfect match for a Sunday dessert: crêpes with berry coulis.  I'm not sure about calling it coulis, as I decided not to strain it and enjoy it in a more rustic way. 

It is a very easy and famous recipe that can be used with ice cream, fruits and other desserts as well as with meat. When I tasted it I automatically thought of vanilla ice cream with berry coulis, so this will be one of the recipes for next summer. 
You can make it sweeter by increasing the amount of sugar in the recipe, but I prefer to preserve the berry sour taste instead. You can find the crêpes recipe in the crêpes cake recipe

Berry coulis
- 250g mixed berries.
- 50g brown sugar
- 2 tbs lemon juice

Place the mixed berries, sugar and lemon juice in a medium pan and bring to simmer during five minutes or until the sugar is dissolved and berries are warm and soft. You can blend and strain it if you prefer a thin sauce. 

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